We provide and promote professional auction services, bringing the highest returns on investments for our client, while providing a safe and ethical means of selling Real and Personal property. We provide complete auction services, from pre-sales planning through financial settlement of estate sales for individuals, legal representatives and commercial clients, establishing true market value and obtaining the highest possible return for every item sold.

Direct Marketing:


Proclamation Of Sale


Auction fliers will be sent to all interested buyers, investors, contractors, developers, manufacturers and people from the industry. Photographs of the subject property are taken and relevant Proclamation of Sale will be distributed at the site of the property as well as the surrounding areas. Proclamation of sale is also sent through mailing to all our in-house mailing list.



A critical aspect for the success of the marketing approach adopted is our personal contact with the interested buyers. Our highly trained staff contact every potential buyer using in-house list of individuals who desire to buy properties at our auctions.


Newspaper :

Advertisement of the subject property will be prominently displayed in the classified section. The description of the property and information regarding the property, such as, the time and of place of the auction sale are contained in the advertisement.

Malaysia 1st Auction Magazine :

We are please to announce that, we have launch the 1st issue of Property Auction Magazine in Malaysia. The magazine is widely available at bookstore nationwide.


Website & Internet Promotion:

Properties for auction will be featured in our Internet Website. This will be part of our services to promote the property for auction and also to attract a larger audience for the auction sale. It is estimated that more than 100 million people are connected to the World Wide Web. We have launched a "Web Portal" on the Internet to provide more details about the properties available for auction as well as relevant photographs.

Currently, we have launched a new website that support portable hand held devices such as Palm / PDA devices. Login to our PDA support site at http://auctions.com.my/pda

PDA / Handheld / Pocket PC support.


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